41st CIML
and Associated Events

Cape Town,
South Africa

11-20 October 2006

   South Africa
   [16 May]
   Cape Town
   [6 July]
   [16 May]
   [16 May]
   Hotel / Venue
   [16 May]
   Practical Info
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   CIML Agenda
   [5 Oct]
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41st CIML Meeting and Associated Events
    Cape Town, South Africa
11-20 October 2006     
  -- Registration Help  --

Help with registration for the 41st CIML Meeting /
Login & password retrieval



This help page was expanded and updated on 1 August 2006

Some Delegates have been experiencing difficulty in registering for the 41st CIML Meeting via this web site. Here is a step by step illustrated procedure to clarify the process.

1) Click the registration button on this page: http://www.oiml.org/events/capetown/register.html

2) You will be prompted for the GENERAL Members' login and password as in the image below:

3) On the following screen, please enter your country's PERSONAL login and password as in the image below. Your PERSONAL login is your ISO Country code (in the example below, we have used The Netherlands, whose ISO Country code is NL). You may retrieve your personal password from this page, providing that your e-mail corresponds to the e-mail entered in our database for your country: http://www.oiml.org/members/data/reminder.html. If you are unable to retrieve your password (e-mail changed, etc.) please contact the BIML and we will e-mail you your password directly.

4) The CIML Member's details have been filled in automatically by our system, however please remember to tick (check) the box "yes" or "no" to confirm whether this delegate will actually attend or not as in the image below. Important: If this box is NOT ticked (checked) the Delegate(s) will NOT be registered for the 41st CIML Meeting!

5) If more than one Delegate will be attending the CIML Meeting from your country, please fill out one form per Delegate. Remember to tick (check) the "Will attend" box as in (4) above.

6) Once you have entered all the Delegates, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the "Validate" button once, as in the image below:

7) You will receive a system-generated e-mail confirmation of your registration. If this is OK you do not need to take action, however if there are any errors you may correct them by repeating the above process and making the required amendments.

8) If you wish to reserve hotel accommodation, airport shuttle transfer, attendance at the Packaging Seminar, visas or any excursions, please see the Practical Information page of the Cape Town site and make the necessary arrangements directly with SABS using the forms provided on the site.

9) Should you encounter any technical difficulties please contact us.