41st CIML
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Cape Town,
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11-20 October 2006

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41st CIML Meeting and Associated Events
    Cape Town, South Africa
11-20 October 2006     
  -- Packaging Seminar--

Packaging Seminar:
Legal metrology aspects of prepackaging for international trade




With the increasing globalization of trade, the measurement markings on packaged commodities are becoming increasingly significant. These markings and the OIML Recommendations on which they are based underpin international, regional and domestic trade transactions. In Europe alone it has been estimated that the value of commodities sold in packages is 6 % to 10 % of the European gross domestic product, or up to 1000 billion per annum. Pre-packaging is becoming increasingly significant for developing countries.

Pre-packaging includes a multitude of topics, ranging from standardized package sizes and labeling issues to deceptive packaging. While also covering these topics, this Seminar will focus on several key issues.

An International Mark

Within Europe the e-mark provides the basis for the acceptance of the marked quantity statement as being a true representation of the contents of a package. The use of this mark benefits trade within the EC. The OIML aims to develop an international mark that will provide the same benefits to international trade and this Seminar will provide the opportunity for attendees to be informed of the current activity in this area and to provide their comments.


While OIML Recommendation R 79 requires the quantity statement to be marked on the main display panel of pre-packages and this has been adopted by most OIML Member States in their legislation, the requirement is not always enforced or adopted. This issue has come to a head with a proposed treaty of the World Wine Trade Group that is contrary to the OIML Recommendation. The Seminar will provide the opportunity for the proponents of this change to make a case for the review of OIML R 79.

Measuring Container Bottles (MCBs)

A particular form of packaging is the use of liquid measures rather than simple bottles. These have the advantage that the quantity contained in a bottle can be determined without the need to empty the contents of the bottle into a separate measure. The requirement of OIML R 96 for batch testing of MCBs has been queried by manufacturers who claim that their production processes are under quality control and that additional batch testing is unnecessary.

The Seminar will provide the opportunity to explore these and other legal metrology issues relating to packaging.

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