41st CIML
and Associated Events

Cape Town,
South Africa

11-20 October 2006

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41st CIML Meeting and Associated Events
    Cape Town, South Africa
11-20 October 2006     
  -- Letter of invitation--

Letter of invitation to OIML Member States
41st CIML Meeting



Dear Colleagues,


The CIML will hold its 41st Meeting in Cape Town (South Africa) on Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 (morning) and Friday 20 October 2006. It will be preceded by a Seminar on Prepackaging on Monday 16 October. A number of other meetings (Regional bodies, OIML TCs/SCs and Working Groups) will also be organized on this occasion.


There will be a number of key issues requiring decisions at this meeting, including the situation of certain Member States, the implementation of the MAA, a large number of new or revised publications, cooperation with liaison Organizations, the appointment of a BIML Assistant Director and the election of a Second CIML Vice-President.


It is essential that the Committee have sufficient voting members for a quorum. Therefore, if you are unable to personally attend this meeting, please ensure you delegate your vote to a member of your staff or to a representative of your Embassy in South Africa. If your country is unable to be present in Cape Town, please give a proxy to another CIML Member.


The BIML has prepared a web site for the Cape Town meetings (www.oiml.org/capetown) and a summary of the key information is enclosed with this letter of invitation. Registration will again this year be online via the Cape Town web site and the deadline for registering attendance and accommodation is 31 August 2006.


Looking forward to seeing you again in Cape Town,


Yours sincerely,


Alan E. Johnston


Download a PDF file of this invitation in English and French
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